“Last Christmas I gave you my heart”

And the very next week, you threw me away. Wham bam thank you ma’am. Tossed outside. Littered even, because although they did not mind buying me, taking me home and decorating me, a proper funeral for he who was so charming during the dark christmas days was too much to ask.

They did not even have to bury me entirely, I still had my roots. However, by the time they found me, I already spent too long in a cold, wet ditch. A sweet guy still wanted to plant me but it was too late, I was dead inside.

I feel stupid and ashamed for thinking that those people would take care of me if I was good to them. However, I feel even worse for the victims I made. Indeed, to grow into this beautiful tree, I took up a lot of valuable space. Space stolen from other living creatures. For ten years, I selfishly took and took. The sunlight, the water, the space, … And I gave nothing in return. No nest for birds, no flowers for insects, no seeds for rodents.

Out of the millions of passersby that did not even gave me a second look, there was this one guy who picked me up. I told him my story. He kindly listened. He told me he was sorry it took him so long. He understood. I was not the first victim to cross his path. He asked me if he could reshape me into a lovely, symbolic icon of a tree. A tree that would proudly stand there for everyone to admire once again, whilst at the same time serving as a reminder of the worldwide abuse.

He told me it would be a drop in the ocean at best, but that was more than anybody ever did for me. I was mentally exhausted, on the brink of a burn-out but his random act of kindness gave me the strength for one last push. It turned out to be a Christmas miracle for me, so if you share my story maybe it will help somebody else as well? #meTree

Last Xmas - Final Photo Cropped

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